How Do I Find the Right Pair of Glasses?

How Do I Find the Right Glasses to Fit My Face? 

With hundreds of style and color options available, finding the perfect pair of glasses can feel daunting—especially if it’s your first time filling a prescription. The good news is that with a little bit of preparation, the process can and should be fun. Start by thinking about your personal preferences—do you like wearing glasses? If so, you may want to try something bold. If not, consider frames that blend in. Below, we’ve collected some of the most common questions we hear from shoppers and our tips to help make the journey a little easier.

Are All Frames Compatible with the Shape of My Face? 

It’s a common myth that certain frame styles will only look right when paired with a specific face shape. The truth is that no two faces are alike, and it’s impossible to really know what styles will and won’t work for you until you try them on in person. Online images tend to feature models with very distinct round or angular face shapes while most people will fall somewhere in between. While frame shopping, it’s important to keep an open mind and experiment with as many styles as possible—your favorite new look might be something you never expected!

How Important Is My Frame Size? 

Frame size measurements are undoubtedly important, but they are far from universal! In fact, the specifications for your current pair of glasses may not match those of your new frame, even if the style is similar. Our best advice is not to let yourself get hung up on the numbers and to treat every new pair of glasses like it’s your very first. Rest assured, we’ll help you find the perfect fit. 

How Important Is My Prescription? 

Your prescription is probably the single most important factor in determining what styles of frames you should consider. An individual with a high minus prescription (lenses that are thicker on the outside and thinner in the center) may want to consider smaller frames to minimize lens thickness. Similarly, an individual with a very high plus prescription might also consider smaller frames to minimize the extent to which the lens will magnify the eye behind it. 

What Glasses Are Right for My Lifestyle? 

Lifestyle is one consideration that many first-time frame shoppers overlook. Remember, glasses are more than just a fashion accessory—picking the right pair to stand up to day-to-day use is crucial for your long-term comfort and peace of mind. For example, if you spend a lot of time outside, you may need a pair of prescription sunglasses as well. Or if you’re prone to skin allergies, you may need to steer clear of stainless steel frames in favor of titanium or plastic. Lastly, consider consulting with your family and friends in your final decision-making process—it never hurts to have a second opinion!

For more information on finding the right pair of glasses, stop by our optical shop and speak with one our ABO-certified Opticians.

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